Neon sign with your character/ icon


Game and anime characters are two icons for a large number of people. Most of the gamer and anime lover would have some items for them to display. Getting a neon sign with your favourite icon on your wall sounds like a perfect decor item for your space.

Neon light certainly can make any room or part of your home look more unique, and quirky. You can display it in your bedroom or living room, if you have a studio, your own office, a neon sign also sounds like a great idea too. But why neon light, why not just a normal light. Neon light is LED, it last longer and save your bills too.  

Neonsky will make sure your neon light is aesthetically pleasing, and we will be able to help design your favourite character, and work out the best size and colour to make it stand out. Let your friends and family jealous that you are cooler than them.