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26cm/10inch LED Selfie Ring Light Dimmable LED Ring Lamp+2.1m holder

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The Beauty Light Every Star is Using! 

Curious how models take perfectly lit, flawless photos? Halo Effect brings studio lighting to your home!

✔️ Emphasize Detail, Hide Shadows - loved by professional models, TikTok creators, Instagram stars, YouTube producers, and more!

✔️ Match Your Skin Tone with Smart-LEDs - you are unique, get the light that makes your stunning skin glow.

✔️ Center Phone Clip & DSLR Mount - the perfect place to bathe your face in even light!

✔️ Anti-Fatigue Technology - shoot for hours without eye fatigue from flicker or heat.

✔️ Compact, Super Bright, Precisely Calibrated - made to take your photos, videos, or livestreams to the next level! 😇

Shine Like a Star

Engineered to make your skin glow, Halo Effect is no ordinary ring light. To achieve the perfect lighting, high power studio-grade Smart-LEDs are placed in precise locations underneath a diffuser filter.

A true "no-brainer" for all content creators, the Halo Effect is the best ring light for photos, videos, and livestreams, even if you're just using your selfie camera.💡

Lighting for You

There are so many beautiful faces out there, yet most lights only work well with one skin tone! Lucky for you, the Halo Effect uses Smart-LED technology to perfectly match your stunning skin tone. 🖐🏽👍🏿✌🏻🙌

Shoot for hours without eye fatigue. Anti-flicker technology keeps your eyes from straining. Calibrated Smart-LEDs disperse heat behind the light, rather than towards your eyes. 

Clip & Snap

Ready to snap the perfect selfie? The Halo Effect is designed to snugly hold your phone or camera in the center of the light—the best place for the best lighting. 📸

The Tech

  • Included soft-grip phone holder
  • Never heats up, silent operation
  • Variable brightness & color temperature (2700K - 5500K)
  • USB powered
  • Light Diameter: 10" (25.4 cm)
  • Stand Height: Desk - 7" (17.5 cm) | Mini - Up to 40" (1.0 m) | Tall - Up to 60" (1.6 m)
  • *NOTE: Tripod Style May Differ
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