Mini WIFI HD 1080P Wireless IP Camera Home Security Night Vision

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* A9 HD camera, small size, easy to hide.
* Super-strong function: Strong magnetic adsorption, smart wear, personal, home, business super security monitoring, law enforcement, driving, cycling records.
* 1080PHD HD video quality, H.264 compression format, 150 degree wide angle.
* with 6 mini infrared LEDs without lighting, 5m night vision distance. Super automatic night vision, no light invisible.
* Multi-function mode: single-cameAra automatic recording, local monitoring (with hotspot monitoring distance of up to 10-20 meters), remote monitoring, loop recording, Motion D etection recording.
* Multi-function APP: support voice playback, view video files anytime, anywhere, picture quality options, screen rotation, Motion D etection alarm.
* Built-in 400 mA rechargeable lithium battery, 4 hours of super video, maximum support 128G.
* Allow WiFi connection, the product comes with WiFi hotspot.
Function: night vision, Motion D etection, alarm remind, Turn on and record video, real-time viewing, WiFi wireless connection, 1080P HD quality.

Product Category: wireless HD Camera
Model: A9
Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Color: Black, White
Image sensor: H62
Angle: 150° wide angle
Video resolution: HD 1080P
Frame rate: 25FPS
Video format: AVI
Video encoding: H.264
Recording range: 5㎡
Night Vision: Infrared Night Vision
Battery type: built-in 400mah rechargeable lithium battery
Consumption: 240MA/3.7V
WIFI connection: WiFi hotspot link, remote link, free to switch
Storage : External card, support up to 128GB Micro SD card TF card (not included)
Motion D etection camera shooting: Straight 6m
Interface: Micro USB
System support: IOS, Android
Size: Approx 43 x 25mm/1.7" x 1"
Net weight: 30g
Packaged included:
1 x WiFi Life Camera
1 x Rotating base
1 x Data line
1 x USB cable
1 x Double-sided tape
1 x Instruction manual

H.264 -1080P remote wireless hidden camera

Thank you for purchasing this product, the machine uses a unique ultra-portable design, it can be applied in various fields, it is very convenient, safe and bring a colorful life for you, please set your camera correctly in accordance with the guidelines of the quick steps .

Point key ON/OFF button to turn on, long press ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn off

(The MODE key is the reset button. Press and hold for 5 seconds in the power-on state to restore the factory settings after automatic restart)

The blue light is the power indicator. The power is always on. The green light is the WIFI indicator and the red light is the charge indicator. When the lamp is fully charged after charging
Specific models are as follows
1. Ad hoc mode: Slow Green light flashing

2. Router mode: Green light flash

3 After you have configured remote camera: Green  light

Under clear what mode, the camera can be reset at switch to point mode.

Note: This must be reset at a red light flash or slow flash when you press the reset built to be useful! Press the reset built around five seconds off the whole machine lights let go until the camera starts to complete (about 30 seconds).

IIAPP software download


Method 1. Scan the QR (picture 1) code directly to go to the download screen (picture 2). Select appropriate download software according to your mobile phone system. (Note:  . This kind of installation is only available for Chinese Mainland). 

Method 2: For Android phones, search for APP software named “HDMiniCam” in Google Play, download and install it.

For Iphone, APP software named “HDMiniCam” in App Store, download and install it.


IIIPoint the camera phone connection

Enter the phone settings where WIFI signal inside, find the signal  (this is the machine UID number is unique to each machine)  and connected. as the picture shows


Then open the phone APP (IMINICAM) appears as shown in the figure, this signal is the machine's UID UID of each machine is different, even after clicking on the plus sign shown above to add into the camera as shown below.



Click to go online camera appears as shown, click Skip to watch videos.

IVCamera remote settings

In point can watch video, return to the previous enter the interface shown

Click on the small gear Enter Advanced configuration shown below


Find the installation location of the signal router, configure the camera to enter a password into the router as shown below.



OK, wait for the camera to complete restart, it takes about 40 seconds. Online from the camera will turn off, then you can remotely access, and when the phone WIFI and cameras in the same network which is a local area network, or any other phone connected to the 4G WIFI cell phone signal APP will automatically reconnect the camera after a successful connection You can watch the video.

1. Download the computer client by downloading the address and install 

2. Click on the successful installation will appear as shown in Figure Desktop login box appears. (See below)



Enter the user name (admin) Click login (Note: The original user name is admin without a password).





Enter    Enter 


The device name easy to remember just write

Paste on P2P UID

Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date.


The device name easy to remember just write

Paste on P2P UID

Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date.

7. Specifications

Resolution Ratio


Video Format


Frame Number


Visual Angle

150 degree

Motion Detection Camera Shooting

Straight line 6 meters

Minimal Illumination


Video Duration

Over 1 Hours

Compressed Format


Recording Range




Storage Temperature

-20-80 degree centigrade

Operating Temperature

-10-60 degree centigrade

Operation Humidity


Memory Card Type

TF card

Player Software


Computer Operating System

Windows/Mac OS X

Mobile Phone Operating System


Web browser

IE7 and above,chrome,firefox safari.etc

Largest customer



  1. Why remote monitoring is not smooth?

You should choose suitable resolution to watch according to your Internet.

  1. Why SD card cannot save?

SD card must be formatted if this is your first time to use.

  1. Why Connection is not on the network?
    Select the correct connection way according to your network
  2. Why APP remote viewing SD card video is not smooth?

As a result of the mobile decoding ability are different, and you can adjust video equipment according to your mobile’s resolution

  1. How to find my password?

To press reset key with 10 seconds and Restore the factory Settings.


The device name easy to remember just write

Paste on P2P UID

Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date.

Special note:

1. If the camera is not connected to the router, please reset, even after a hot machine to configure.

2. If the camera does not read the memory card, or mobile phone in the LAN advanced settings in the background formatting after use.

3. Shutdown Reset: Please re-operation off and reset when you see the red light.

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